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Important Financial Information

Your Investment

Investing in your child’s spiritual and educational foundation is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.

Our goal each year is to be good and wise stewards of the resources God has provided in order to deliver extraordinary value in relationship to each family’s financial investment.

When Christian education is a desire beyond your means, tuition assistance may be available to help make Liberty Prep accessible for your family.

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NC State Education Assistance Authority

The 2023 Appropriations Act Expands Eligibility for the Opportunity Scholarship Program

On October 3, 2023, the North Carolina State Budget (House Bill 259) became law. The new law authorizes several changes to the State’s Opportunity Scholarship Program, which will begin with the 2024-2025 school year.

Changes for the 2024-2025 school year include:

  • Removal of the income cap for families to receive the scholarship; now all North Carolina students in kindergarten through 12th grade will be eligible for the Scholarship regardless of income.
  • Prior public school enrollment is no longer a requirement for eligibility for the scholarship.
  • A student’s scholarship amount will be based on household income.
  • Scholarship amounts will range from approximately $3,000 to approximately $7,000.

The Opportunity Scholarship application for the 2024-2025 school year will open on February 1, 2024. Families must apply by March 1 to receive priority consideration. More information about the application process will be available on the program website in January.

Please see for more information.

Liberty Prep Financial Aid

Due to the increased scholarship opportunity for all students with the NC Opportunity Scholarship Program, Liberty Prep will not be accepting applications for financial aid.  We recommend that each family submits an application through NCSEAA.

If after the Opportunity Scholarships have been awarded you still are in need of financial assistance, please contact Mrs. Weir at for possible options.  As we are in the inaugural year of this program, there are many unknowns.  We will re-evaluate after the year for how to best provide for our families.  Thank you for your understanding as we navigate new territory.

Any financial assistance granted by LPCA will amount to no more than 50% of annual tuition, and is awarded to students of any race, color, gender, national and ethnic origin.


  • Multi-student scholarships – Families with 3 or more students that apply for an Opportunity Scholarship but do not receive one,  may be eligible for additional scholarship funds from LPCA.  More information to follow.  
  • All Students: A non-refundable enrollment fee of $150 per student is due within fourteen days of student acceptance or at the time of continuous re-enrollment to LPCA.  Enrollment fee increases to $300 per student after fourteen days of acceptance, or anytime after August 5th.
  • A non-refundable book and supply fee per student is due by June 5th ($25 late fee).  For new students enrolling after June 5th,  fee is due within fourteen days of student acceptance or late fee applies.
  • Tuition may be paid in full, semi-annually, or in 10 monthly installments August 5th through May 5th.  Late fees apply for payments received after the 10th of each month. 
  • All tuition plans must be set up through FACTS. FACTS charges a fee each year for annual or semi-annual, and monthly payment plans.  Plans will remain the same with continuous re-enrollment unless changes are made with the Office Manager. 
  • Withdrawals:  No refunds are given for past tuition, enrollment, application or supply fees.  Tuition is payable for the month of withdrawal and is not prorated.  Tuition is charged until a signed withdrawal form is submitted to our office and all applicable textbooks have been returned. 
    • The Book and Supply Fee is non-refundable for all enrolled students after May 1st.
    • Any new student (including Kindergarten) that withdraws after online enrollment is complete must pay a withdrawal fee of $1000.  For current re-enrolled students, the withdrawal fee is $1000 after May 1st.  For all students, the withdrawal fee is $2000 after July 1st, and  $3000 after August 1st. These fees stand independently of any Opportunity Scholarship received.

Exceptions for withdrawal fees may be made for certain hardship situations only – death in immediate family, loss of work, job transfer out of the area, or extended illness for student or parent.

  • Most books and curriculum are provided by Liberty Prep and remain the property of Liberty Prep.  Consumable materials (workbooks, etc.) are retained by the student at the end of the year.  Families are responsible for replacement costs of lost or damaged curriculum or library books.  A list of optional approved materials to purchase for home use is available upon request.
  • Students are required to adhere to the established dress code (see LPCA student handbook).  Families are responsible for purchasing items for each student.  
  • Liberty Prep will furnish a reasonable list of school supplies required for all students.  Parents are responsible for purchasing each student’s school supplies, including a Chromebook for secondary students.
  • All fees assessed by the school are a financial obligation due to the school according to the established due dates.  Student records, including report cards, are held until all obligations have been paid in full through the school office.  If there is an overdue balance, students are not permitted to re-register or graduate from Liberty Prep.
  • Referral Credits:  A family may receive a $250 credit toward tuition in October for the referral of each new student that begins school in August.  The new family must confirm referral in their application.  In the event of multiple family referrals, the credit will be split equally. 
  • HS students must pay full tuition regardless of the number of classes taken on campus.
  • LPCA reserves the right to place a hold on re-enrollment or revoke enrollment based on a failure to meet expectations as outlined in the LPCA School Handbook. 

Board Approved December 2023

Printable Version

Tuition, Fees and Financial Policies 2024-2025

Application & Testing Fee: New students pay a one-time, non-refundable fee of $200 per student for 1st-12th grades, and $50 per student for kindergarten. This fee is due at the time of application and covers applicable placement testing and FACTS processing fees.

Annual Tuition Rates (core classes meet 3 days per week, electives may vary)\

K-5th – Core + Rotating Specials (included) $7800

6th – 8th – Includes 4 Core + 2 electives $7800

9th – 12th – Includes 6 courses, plus Winterim* $7800
*HS Online Courses are an additional charge

Campus Security Fee (per family) $150
Fee added to tuition payment plan.

Registration Fees:
Annual Enrollment Fee per Student  (must opt out by 2/20/24): $150
     Fee is automatically drafted on March 5, 2024
Late Enrollment Fee per Student: $300
Annual Book & Supply Fee Per Student – $255

Other Fees/Credits:
Material Fees/Lab Fees (if applicable for course): $15-$100
Sports Fees (max $600 per student): $200-$350
Theatre Fee per production: $125
Club Fees: Varies
Student Parking Space $25
Referral Credit (per student referred) $250 credit

Opportunity Scholarship Information
All families are strongly encouraged to apply for the NCSEAA Opportunity Scholarship between 2/1/24 – 3/1/24.  Families must certify their awards with NCSEAA for LPCA to be paid for a portion of their tuition.  Failure to submit the proper documentation or complete certification does not absolve families from paying full tuition.  Families are responsible for paying for the amount of tuition not covered by NCSEAA. 

Tuition increases are made to cover salaries, operating expenses, and inflation.

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