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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Liberty Prep K through 12?

Yes!  We offer kindergarten through 12th grades.    All on-campus classes meet on M-TU-TH. Elementary grades (K-5th) from 8:30 a.m. – 2:45 p.m., and Middle and High School grades (6th– 12th) have classes from 8:30 – 3:00, including core classes and electives or study hall.

What is an "on-campus day" vs. a "satellite day"?

Days that a student is at Liberty Prep are referred to as on-campus days.  Satellite days are what we call the days when the students do their work at home.  It is important that the student understands that ALL weekdays are school days; it is just that the school work is being done at a different location.

What does a satellite day look like?

It depends on the age of your student, the classes they take and your family.  Obviously, the younger the student, the more involved the parent will be on satellite days.  In K-3, parents should work one-on-one with their student(s).  As your student grows older, we expect to see a more independent learner.  The parent moves more into the role of encourager and accountability partner, helping prepare their student for college.

How long is a satellite day?

As a general rule, an hour of work at home is assigned for each hour of class at school.  However, variables such as student ability, work ethic, variety of assignments, grade level and honors vs. standard courses will impact this standard.  High school students can expect this time to be slightly longer and expect daily homework. Honors and AP level students should expect vigorous work each day.

What are your class sizes?

To better meet the individual needs of our students, our classes have low student-teacher ratios. In elementary, our average maximum class size is 16, but in some cases may reach 19 students with an assistant.  K-3 classes have assistants working alongside the teacher.  Middle school maximum is 18 students, and High School is 20 students.

Does Liberty Prep serve students with special needs of IEPs?

Due to the fast pace of our academic program, Liberty Prep does not currently have the staff available to adequately meet the need of students with special needs.

Where does Liberty Prep stand in regards to the Common Core Standards?

Our goal at Liberty Prep is to provide the best possible foundation for our students in order to equip them for higher education and life beyond.  We want our students to have a broad and in-depth base of knowledge.  We teach so that our students also gain understanding, which leads to wisdom in applying their knowledge.  From our inception, we have looked closely at North Carolina standards to be sure we are meeting or exceeding those standards.  With the Common Core Standards, we are doing the same, and when we find benchmarks that would enhance what we are doing we strive to make adjustments that will benefit our students and better prepare them.  We will never compromise content or what we think is important for our students to know.  As a private school, we are not obligated to any particular state standards or their ties to federal funding.

When was the school founded?

Liberty Prep was founded in 2010 with 100 students.  We have grown every year since.

How do we receive our assignments?

Assignment sheets will be posted on FACTS each week for parents and students to view and print from home.

Does Liberty Prep have a hot lunch program?

Yes!  Hot lunches are offered on Mondays (by pre-order only) and are optional. Students bring their own lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays (microwaves are available for Middle and High School students). Students may choose to bring a lunch on Monday as well if they don’t pre-order hot lunch.  Lunch is brought in from various local restaurants (Dominoes, Chick-fil-A, Moe’s, Tenders, and Red Robin are just a few of the options we offer) on a rotating basis with vegetarian and gluten-free choices when possible. Click here for more information about our Hot Lunch ordering procedure. 

Where do most of your students live? Is it possible to carpool to school?

Many of our families do carpool, and we do have a school directory available via FACTS.  Families come from Lake Norman area communities including Mooresville, Huntersville, Statesville, Denver, Cornelius, and Davidson, and some travel from further out.

Is Liberty Prep a homeschooling co-op?

No!  We are a fully accredited school.  We are accredited by AdvancED and certified by NAUMS.  Our model is a unique, college-simulated program integrating professional instruction of highly qualified instructors and independent study.

What type of Standardized Testing does Liberty Prep require of its students?

We administer the Iowas Basics Test every spring to our 2nd-9th graders.   We also administer the PSAT to our 10th and 11th graders each fall.   Liberty Prep students score well above average on all these tests.

Do you offer Honors or AP courses?

Yes, Liberty Prep has a variety of Honors and AP courses available.

Does Liberty Prep offer Dual Enrollment?

Dual Enrollment is a possibility for qualified juniors and seniors.

What type of sports programs does Liberty Prep offer?

We offer a range of activities (basketball, cross country, flag football, soccer, volleyball, and cheerleading) and our sports program is growing each year. Click here for more information:

What other activities and electives does Liberty Prep offer students?

We offer a variety of activities and electives that may change from year to year. Some examples include:

Elementary Opportunities: Music, Art, Bible, Spanish, P.E., Drama

Secondary Opportunities: Drama, Sports, Theatre, CSI Forensics, P.E., Bible, Life Skills, Computers, Spanish, Psychology, SAT Prep, Study Hall

Secondary Organizations:  Student Ambassador, Journalism/Yearbook, Speech/Debate, Interact Club, Worship Band, National Honor Society

What is the "House System"?

The LPCA House System strengthens our Middle and High School culture by creating a strong sense of community and belonging amongst students and staff. The House System will provide opportunities for leadership, spiritual growth, and accountability for our Patriots.

Houses are named after one of our nine Patriot Virtues, except for the virtue of Faith. Faith is the foundation that our school, our hope, and our House community is built upon. It encompasses all that we do.

House System FAQ’s

How are students sorted into Houses?

The Administration team, along with the Student Activities Coordinator, will group students by grade and then randomly assign students into Houses. This ensures a wide range of ages grow together. We cannot honor House requests or preferences.


Will my children be in the same House?

Yes! All members of an immediate family will be in the same House.


Will students remain in the same House through middle and high school?

Yes. This allows relationships to grow deeper and gives a sense of ownership and loyalty to their House.


Do the Houses compete for points?

Yes. Houses participate in various school activities that develop and support community, leadership, service, and spiritual development. Additionally, House members compete to earn points for their House via competitions, attendance, and adhering to LPCA school policies. Competitions can be academic in nature or simply friendly games. Winners are announced quarterly and a House Cup will be awarded at the end of the year for the House that earns the most points overall.


What are the House names?

There are eight Houses and each House is named after one of our Patriot Virtues, except for Faith. We believe Faith is the foundation for all we do at LPCA, including our House system.


Will elementary students be involved?

Each House will “adopt” an elementary class each year. As our House System grows, the upperclass students will get more opportunities to lead and encourage our younger Patriots.


How will Houses communicate?

We are currently researching best practices to ensure everyone gets all the information needed. Email and Google Classroom will be the primary sources of communication for Houses at this time.

Are uniforms required?

Liberty Prep has a dress code, please click here for a full description.

Does Liberty Prep teach cursive writing?

Liberty Prep teaches cursive writing in second and third grade.  We believe this is an important skill for all our students to master.

Does Liberty Prep use technology in the classroom?

Yes! Lower grades utilize Chromebooks that we have on campus.  Upper grades (6-12) are required to have a Chromebook and bring it to class daily.

At what age can students start Kindergarten?

Students must be 5 by August 31st to begin kindergarten that year.

What brand of Chromebook is required? Can my student just use a laptop?

Chromebooks are required for Middle and High School students. To keep our students streamlined, we do not allow traditional laptops on Mac or Windows platforms.  Students must have a Chromebook, however, we do not require a specific model or brand of Chromebook. Things to look for in a suitable Chromebook for students include durability, battery life, and preferred screen size (does not have to be touch-screen). There is a broad price range depending on your preferences. Most entry-level and middle-of-the-line models are suitable. Reputable brand names (recommended but not required) include: Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Samsung, Lenovo.

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