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Student Activities at Liberty Prep

Ashley Davis, Student Activities Director

Liberty Prep offers a variety of student activities throughout the year to connect students with one another, help them grow, deepen their faith, and enhance their lives.

These activities are expanding and developing more each year! From retreats, chapels, service projects, spirit week, harvest festival, school dances, field day, extra-curricular clubs and more; our students have many opportunities to grow deeper in their relationships with God, their friends, and those in the community around them.

If you have any further questions or ideas, please contact our Student Activities Director, Mrs. Ashley Davis at

Student Ambassadors

Our Student Ambassador program consists of a small group of students dedicated to the positive promotion of Liberty Prep Christian Academy. Ambassadors model our Patriot Virtues and show integrity and strength of character to their families, their fellow students, the staff, and the community. We lead by serving and by encouraging those around us.

Student Ambassadors are 9th-12th graders who have completed the application and interview process with staff members. Ambassadors are chosen by their attitude and love for our school and for others.

Students interested in applying should see the LPCA App or Patriot Portal for more information.

The House System

The LPCA House System strengthens our middle and high school culture by creating a strong sense of community and belonging amongst students and staff. The House System will provide opportunities for leadership, spiritual growth and accountability for our Patriots.

Houses are named after one of our nine Patriot Virtues, except for the virtue of Faith. Faith is the foundation that our school, our hope, and our House community is built upon. It encompasses all that we do.


How are students sorted into Houses?
The Administration team, along with the Student Activities Coordinator, will group students by grade and then randomly assign students into Houses. This ensures a wide range of ages grow together. We cannot honor House requests or preferences.

Will my children be in the same House?
Yes! All members of an immediate family will be in the same House.

Will students remain in the same House through middle and high school?
Yes. This allows relationships to grow deeper and gives a sense of ownership and loyalty to their House.

Do the Houses compete for points?
Yes. Houses participate in various school activities that develop and support community, leadership, service, and spiritual development. Additionally, House members compete to earn points for their House via competitions, attendance, and adhering to LPCA school policies. Competitions can be academic in nature or simply friendly games. Winners are announced quarterly and a House Cup will be awarded at the end of the year for the House that earns the most points overall.

What are the House names?
There are eight Houses: Compassion, Giving, Respect, Responsibility, Self-Discipline, Loyalty, Honesty, and Perseverance.  Each House is named after one of our Patriot Virtues, except for Faith. We believe Faith is the foundation for all we do at LPCA, including our House system.

Will elementary students be involved?
Each House will “adopt” an elementary class each year. As our House System grows, the upperclass students will get more opportunities to lead and encourage our younger Patriots.

How will Houses communicate?
We are currently researching best practices to ensure everyone gets all the information needed. Email and Google Classroom will be the primary sources of communication for Houses at this time.

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