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Why Do We Have School on Veteran’s Day?

Sometimes people ask why we have school on Veteran’s Day.  Due to our limited on campus “in class” days, along with the desire to allow longer breaks for our students, we minimize the number of days we take off throughout the school year.  However, his doesn’t mean we don’t honor our veterans. In fact, in order to give more honor to these incredible Americans, Liberty Prep hosted a special Veterans and Grandparents Day on the traditionally celebrated Veteran’s day in November.

We held special chapel services for each grade level throughout the day with special guest speaker, Army Chaplain Greg Laskowski.  He explained to our students the importance of a chaplain’s important role in our country’s military. Each branch of service was recognized at each chapel, and we had representatives from them all.  It was touching to see our students stand and applaud our veterans and recognize their service to our country. Ella Rose Hammack sang the Star Spangled Banner, and our mascot, Pat the Patriot, made an memorable appearance.

Grandparents we also honored throughout the day.  They were invited to have lunch with their students and see what Liberty Prep is all about.  Thank you to the LPCA PTF, Nieves Martino, and Pastor Nate who each has a special role to play in making this day happen.

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