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The Remote Learner by Lilli Weir & Faith Yeley

By Lilli Weir:

As COVID-19 is slowly taking over our lives, it has been an adventure to learn productive and efficient ways to still follow my school routine.  Since a couple weeks have gone by since the beginning of this chaos, I have had time to find what works best for me during remote learning. Something I have struggled with is staying focused and being diligent with my time.  To me, this “break” from physically being at school has tried to make my brain think that summer has begun early this year. To help me stay on task I have done my best to prioritize school work before anything else. For example, once I wake up on a satellite day, I begin my work right away.  This is also helpful because since I finish it earlier, I have more time to relax, go outside, etc.

Although learning and school has been a little different, the extra time I have has helped me be more productive on things outside of school.  This extra time is also a great way to get ahead on school work or study a little extra. Personally, I love making lists and staying organized, so I have found that planning out my day has been extremely beneficial for staying on task.  Another benefit of online learning is being comfortable! I have been getting extra sleep, which is much needed, and wearing clothes that are most comfortable for me. Although I sometimes miss being at school now that I can’t be there, I do not miss the stiff chairs and heavy backpacks!

By Faith Anne Yeley:

As many students across our outstanding nation navigate online classes, I am reminded how fortunate I am to be part of a university-model school. Many students are currently adapting to this new form of education, whereas others have been accustomed to independent work and instruction. At Liberty Prep Christian Academy, all high schoolers are well equipped for online classes and self-sufficient study, especially with using apps such as google classroom and google meet. It truly is wonderful to be a Liberty Prep Patriot!

While staying at home, I found that staying motivated can be demanding, but ultimately is much easier with a schedule. It can also be helpful to have a reward system in place. Such as staying on task and completing your assignments, which can be rewarded with going outside to soak up some sunshine or depending on the weather, some T.V. time to watch your favorite show. We all have days when we struggle or become frustrated, it happens to everyone. Walk away and take a short break, reset your brain and take time to refocus, you got this! Be patient and trust in the Lord., even in this uncertain time, it is essential to put our faith in Him.

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