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Senior Week

May 6, 2019

Senior Week

By Emelia Klanduch

What It Is

Senior week is when we dedicate one week of school to our wonderful seniors and wish them well as they get ready to head out into the world. On Monday, seniors came in from a nearly sleepless but very fun weekend spent in Asheville on their senior trip to see their lockers decorated with photos or other things that their parents thought would be fitting. They had come early that morning to have senior breakfast in the cafeteria. They also wore their class of 2019 shirts with jeans. On Tuesday the seniors wore a shirt that represented the college they want to go to with jeans. On Thursday they had a dress as you like day, which is a favorite treat of most students. Kisses for seniors are also being sent out, to let them know they will be missed and that they are loved. The 16 Class of 2019 students hopefully had a week they can carry with them for a long time, to remember how loved and influential they are to the other students at Liberty Prep.

We have all really enjoyed having the seniors around. We enjoy watching them play sports for our school and perform for our theater department. We love to watch as they form bonds with the younger students and act as mentors. The seniors have given advice to the other students and have tried to prepare them so they’ll be ready for what’s ahead. They have also formed bonds with each other, and it’s been so great to watch as they grow these friendships so they can stay strong once they leave. Liberty Prep wishes them the best after high school and hopes they will continue to grow their faith and will hold onto the relationships they’ve made this year and the years before. Good luck, guys!

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