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Oklahoma by Ella Peckham




Oklahoma, which was performed April 11-14 at the Charles Mack Theatre, was a fun classic family-friendly musical. With a cast of 41 and 5 fantastic stage managers, they were able to put on a wonderful show. Director Heather Baynes had been working with them for just over two months with the help of Ashley Davis (assistant director), Kim Pedersen (music director), and Christy Peckham (assistant music director). Oklahoma comprised of catchy songs, fun dances, and humorous characters. This was LPCA Theatre’s first venture into a classical musical.

Backstage Shenanigans

Before I was in any production I’d always wonder “What are the cast members doing backstage?”. What does the cast do before and after shows? Well, backstage is filled with upbeat energy and lip trills. Bobby pins, hairspray, makeup, and costumes can be spotted any corner you turn. People reciting lines or singing are very common sounds as well as laughter. Something that I love about the LPCA theatre program is that it is a family. Everyone loves and supports each other which is difficult to find in a lot of theatre programs. Once the show begins everyone that is backstage must be silent. I honestly like that we have to be silent because it really helps me focus and I can hone into my character I play. Overall, liberty prep theatre is an amazing extracurricular activity that you should try out.



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