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LPCA 2020 Talent Show by Marissa Janis

The annual Liberty Prep Talent show was a great way to showcase our students talents and passions that God has gifted them. It was wonderfully directed by Mrs. Hay and led by our technical advisor Mrs. Smith. The talents were showcased through dance numbers, piano solos, videos and songs. Liberty Prep is clearly a school of very talented students as was seen tonight. A highlight of the night was when the teachers did the popular Tik Tok dance, “Renegade”. It is very special to see all kinds of talents our school has. We use our God given abilities to lead others to Him. A huge round of applause for all of our students who participated in the talent show for the wonderful job they did. In 1 Peter 4:10 it says “God has given each of us a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts, use them well to serve one another.”



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