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Holocaust Survivor Visits Liberty Prep

This past week at LPCA, we were very honored to have a Holocaust survivor, Anya Bogusheva Baum, share her story with us.  Anya is from Florida and is getting ready to turn 90 years old within the next month (but had more spunk than half of our middle schoolers). We learned that she was only 10 years old and her education came to a halt in the 4th grade when the Holocaust began.   Although her story was filled with nothing but tragedy, we were left with an uplifting spirit. Anya stressed the importance of loving your family, being kind, and also to forgive. The world we live in can be such a negative place and we can all overcome it with kindness. “Everybody has to have a good heart and love each other,” said Anya.  She had mentioned on a few occasions that when she felt overwhelmed with fear and nothing left, she relied on her faith and the power of prayer. We are very blessed as a school to have been in her presence to listen to her story and to be sure to spread her message to our community.  ~Noah Barker & Aaron Burbach

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