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Reflecting the Light of Christ

Empower Week 2020 by Ava Barnes & Faith Yeley

Empower Week
by Ava Barnes

Empower Week finished and was a smashing success! Students of all ages had a blast dressing up and taking selfies with their families while listening to the inspiring messages from Pastor Nate and Pastor Burgess. The message embedded in Empower Week was to encourage the students at Liberty Prep to shine their light and become more comfortable sharing His word. Pastor Burgess really focused on how we as students can bring God’s word into our lives more. He informed us on ways we can do that publicly, in our homes, and even in our minds. 

Even with all of the gloom we have experienced throughout COVID-19, Pastor Burgess’ preaching still touched each and every listener’s soul through the screen. The message that he portrayed of our walk with Christ and how we can embrace and embody His love for us in our everyday lives was especially moving. We will be looking forward to many more influential Empower Weeks in the future of Liberty Prep.


Empower Week
by Faith Yeley

Liberty Prep Empowerment Week 2020 hosted guest speaker Brian Burgess. He has a great sense of humor and enjoys making people smile and delivers his message in such a way that many can relate. Mr. Burgess brought a very significant message to light that at some point in our lives we can all relate to. He spoke about shying away from defending your faith as well as being afraid to reflect the word of God when surrounded by our peers. Now we all know that most middle and high school students aren’t going to walk around correcting their friends, quoting bible verses between classes or at the lunch table. Mr. Burgess did an excellent job informing us that we can spread the word of God and stay true to our beliefs and that we should not be embarrassed in doing so. Simply making good decisions, being honest, helpful, and most importantly looking to God.  

Building and strengthening your relationship with God is a never ending journey. It is a fulfilling process that only you can manage. Loving God should help you feel empowered. If you have a feeling of embarrassment, it does not come from defending God it comes from a reflection of people that do not understand or know how to have a relationship with Him. Be the hand that reaches to others, this can be overwhelming at times, but He gives us strength when we need it. He will never give us more than we can handle, for He knows what fills our hearts. Overcome the darkness of embarrassment. His protection and love will be the light that guides us in the darkest of times. 

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