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Pedersen, Kimberly

Pedersen, Kimberly
Staff Member, Teacher

Role: High School Science Teacher

Degree(s): B.S. Biology, M.T. Bowman Gray School of Medicine/Baptist Hospital

Recognitions/Special Training/Memberships: Graduated Cum Laude, Honors M.T., Teacher of the Year

Taught Since: 2013

At Liberty Prep Since: 2013

Bio: Mrs. Pedersen is a born and raised North Carolinian and loves calling North Carolina home. While originally from Boone, she proudly wears the Gold and Black of Wake Forest University (Go Deacs!) and did her post-grad at Bowman Gray School of Medicine/Baptist Medical Center in Medical Technology, where she graduated with honors from both. Mrs Pedersen is married to the amazing, brilliant, and one-of-a-kind Todd Pedersen, and has 2 incredible, creative, and compassionate children (who thankfully take after their father). Zach and Olivia have been blessed to be a part of the LPCA student family since its beginning. Being a teacher and a parent, she can honestly say, from both points of view, that LPCA is the best educational experience for nurturing a child both academically and spiritually.

Pedersen is a self-proclaimed (and student-proclaimed) science geek and loves opening students' eyes to the wonders of God's great creation through Chemistry, Physics, and Environmental Science. One of her favorite moments is the "lightbulb" moment when it clicks for a student in class. But, her most favorite moment is the "Dang it, Mrs. Pedersen!" moment when the student recognizes, understands, and can explain something happening around them because they have learned it and absorbed it in class (whether they want to or not...thus the Dang it, Mrs. Pedersen), and they DEFINITELY let her know...which she also loves. She adores these students and one day wants to be the campus grandma when she retires. She truly believes that building good relationships with students is why God brought her to LPCA and she enjoys hearing from alumni years after.

When not "ruining her student's lives" with knowledge they will never forget even if they try (and they continue to let her know for years...which 100% makes her day), she enjoys unleashing her creative side as a member of the Creative Team for LPCA's incredible Theatre Department, cheering on her beloved Panthers, traveling, spending time with her family, and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

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