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Hay, Michele

Hay, Michele
Staff Member, Teacher

Role: K-5 Music Teacher
Degree(s): B.A. Piano Pedagogy, M.Mus. Music Education
Taught Since: 1994
At Liberty Prep Since: 2011

Bio: Michele was born in Raleigh, NC, and attended Wake Christian Academy in Raleigh from kindergarten through 12th grade.  Feeling very blessed and thankful for the Christian school education she enjoyed, Michele chose to earn a degree in education so that she could teach at a Christian school and help other families have that blessing.  After graduating from Bob Jones University, she began teaching at a Christian school in Stone Mountain, Georgia.  She married her husband, Brian, in 1995, and their three children were born while they continued working and living in Georgia.  In 2008, the Hay family moved to Mooresville where Brian helped his company open a branch office. Michele has been teaching elementary music at Liberty Prep since 2011, and their children are LPCA graduates (Laura - 2016, Amanda - 2019, Joshua - 2024).  In addition to singing and making music with LPCA students, a few of Michele's favorite things to do are taking walks with the family, cardio/kickboxing workouts, and drinking coffee or hot tea.

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