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Celebrating Ten Years with a New Campus for Liberty Prep by Amie Weir

For those of you that don’t know the backstory, facilities has always been the biggest hurdle for Liberty Prep. When we did our first big information meeting in May of 2009, We had no idea where our school would be located. After calling EVERY church in the Lake Norman area, and looking at EVERY possible open building, nothing would work. Even when we started taking applications the following year in the spring of 2010, we still did not have a location! Miraculously, parents were trusting us to have a place for our school by submitting applications and deposits. Talk about operating on faith!

As God always does, He provided a facility for us exactly when we needed it. Harbor Church was suddenly available and became the first location for Liberty Prep. About 100 students from kindergarten to 8th grade started on that campus. We became very creative with offices on the back porch of the Fellowship Hall, constructed temporary classrooms in the lunchroom, and limited many of our class sizes to only eight students because we couldn’t fit any more. We cleaned, organized, painted, and prayed a lot. Somehow, it all worked and we opened in August of 2010.

We quickly realized we had already outgrown Harbor Church, and immediately began the search for our next location. Through another incredibly miraculous turn of events, we were able to partner with Lighthouse Church to use their facilities and property. Against great odds (too many stories to tell in this short blog), we were able to install our current modular classroom building and open in August of 2011. After one year at Lighthouse Church, we split the campuses and moved K-2, and ultimately K-3, back to Harbor. That’s a lot of moving and coordinating over the years!

Throughout all of this, the Liberty Prep leadership was preparing to own our own campus. Much time and money was invested over the years searching for a piece of property that would work. Repeatedly, cost, zoning, and location were all issues. Finally, in 2015 we found the property at Midway Lake Road, and after a year of due diligence, we paid cash for the land in 2016.

Now, after years of preparation, planning, patience, dreaming, and fundraising, we are about to open our new campus in August of 2020! Our groundbreaking event was held in September of 2019, and crews have been working ever since. As this is written in late January, we are waiting for a foundation permit, and ultimately a building permit, so we can continue the building process and meet our deadlines.

We are so excited to offer a beautiful permanent campus with important amenities for our students. We will have adequate classroom space, administrative offices, a full size gymnasium, a black box theatre, a concession and ticket area, a soccer/sports field, lots of parking, playground and gathering areas and a peaceful environment. We also plan to develop a 5K running track as soon as we can. We will be the only Christian school in the area to have their own facilities. What a blessing!

We are immensely grateful to our faithful families who persevered through all the changes. They are Patriot pioneers! We are equally thankful for our generous and faithful donors who have made this possible…may their cups always be overflowing. While we know this is just the beginning, we celebrate the first ten years at Liberty Prep, and are enthusiastic about the next ten and beyond!

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