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Dress Code & Preferred Partners

  • Dress Code: Since our student body has grown, we have made a few changes to the dress code to make it more uniform, consistent, and hopefully more understandable.  Please check the app or the portal to review the current dress code to prepare for the next school year.
  • Spirit Wear Store: Our online School Spirit Wear store sells a variety of casual items with Liberty Prep-themed screen prints and colors.  All of these t-shirts may be worn by all students on Tuesdays. Hoodies and sweatshirts from the School Spirit Wear store may be worn on all school days (please refer to the attached dress code for more details). The School Store opens periodically throughout the school year and the link will be sent via text alert.
  • Preferred Dress Code Partners: We have partnered with French ToastLand’s End, and Tommy Hilfiger to offer clothing options approved in our dress code. These three vendors have our only approved plaid for jumpers and skirts. Besides these (optional) plaid items, you are not required to purchase from these vendors, but they do offer pieces customized with our school logo, which makes ordering easy. You may choose to purchase dress code-approved clothing at other stores such as Target, Old Navy, etc., but all upper body clothing items must be taken to a local embroidery shop to be embroidered with our Liberty Prep logo. Please see the attached dress code for school codes and contact information for all of our preferred dress code partners.
  • LPCA Uniform & Spirit Wear Re-Sale: Gently-used, dress code-approved clothing will be sold at Liberty Prep on orientation day. Don’t miss this opportunity to find a variety of items at very reasonable prices, and all proceeds go back to Liberty Prep.

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